Woot Was it You Wanted?

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01 Girl of the North Country -- Ryan Carey
02 High Water (For Charlie Patton) -- Chris Elliott
03 George Jackson -- Hobojock / Cam Docherty
04 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream - Audry Rose
05 If You See Bob, Say Hello (c) -- Mike Skliar
06 Don't Think Twice, it's Alright -- Bubblegumgoon / Jodi-Lee Weiss
07 Ballad of a Thin Man - Group Therapy with Tarantula / Marty Katz
08 On Watching the Riot From a Filthy Cell (or the Jailhouse Has no Kitchen) -- zepat with spoken word by Samuel Ellis
09 Find Yourself a Crash (33 Mullets) (c) original based on "Hearts of Fire" -- 56Desoto / Amanda Kooser
10 Isis -- Damian
11 Went to See the Gypsy -- Jack Frost / Pat Nevins
12 Little Sadie -- The Wild Whisky Boys
13 Buckets of Rain -- Po' Trev / Trevor Gibb
14 Let me Die In My Footsteps -- The Rainjunkies / Aliasanything and Flash
15 I Shall be Released -- John Henry's Hammer / Furry Murphy
16 Never Let Me Go -- Laura Tenschert
17 Like a Rolling Stone -- Rive with The Handicrafts Men / Panama Passport

Produced by Tarantula & Zepat
Cover art by Orrville
Art design by Bobzilla
Liner notes by Emmett Till

Special thanks to arlo
Extra Special Thanks to all the Contributors

This collection was produced by members of the now defunct Dylan Pool.